The authors would like to sincerely thank the following people for achieving excellence on this project:

Web Design, GSE IT

  • Rebecca Leech (Penn GSE)
  • Maria Kelly (Penn GSE)
  • Michael Herzog (Penn GSE)

Coding and Analysis

  • Cecile Sam (CPRE)
  • Yi-Hwa Liou (UC San Diego)
  • Frank Cornelissen (UC San Diego)
  • Camara Brown (CPRE)
  • Ariel Smith (CPRE)

Graphics & Illustrations

  • Charlie Layton, Freelance Designer
  • Jackie Kerstetter (CPRE)

Audio Podcasts

  • Bennett Weiss


  • Elisabeth Reinkordt (Penn GSE)
  • Jennifer Moore (Penn GSE)

Promotions & Marketing

  • Jackie Kerstetter (CPRE)
  • Bobbi Newman (CPRE)
  • Jeff Frantz (Penn GSE)
  • Inga Kiderra (UC San Diego)
  • Elisabeth Reinkordt (Penn GSE)
  • Kat Stein (Penn GSE)